Get Florida Car Insurance Today

Do you live in Florida and own a car? Then you need Florida car insurance from If you don’t currently have it, perhaps obtaining coverage has been on your list of things to do, but you haven’t followed through because of how complicated it can be. It’s true that the insurance companies don’t do themselves any favors. So keep reading as we attempt to dissect the process some so you can get what you need to remain protected.

Liability Coverage

As you probably know, you must have Florida car insurance to get behind the wheel and operate your car. Without insurance, you can receive a very pricy ticket or even end up in jail. If you are involved in a car accident, you could very easily deprive someone of the repair payments they’re rightfully entitled to.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go out and break the bank or spend on coverage you’ll never use. The most basic type of Florida car insurance everyone must have is umbrella liability.

All this insurance does is make sure you have some kind of coverage so the other person in an accident isn’t completely without a paddle if you’re found to be the responsible party.

But there are other types of insurance you might be interested in getting as well. In fact, there are probably well over a dozen. But let’s take a look at two of the most popular types right now.

Collision and Comprehensive Insurance

This one’s a but self-explanatory, but it’s great coverage to have if you can afford it. As the name explains, this version of Florida car insurance will protect you in case of a collision. But collisions aren’t the only way your car can get banged up. Someone could try breaking into it, for example. It could catch on fire or simply be under a large branch when the storm hits. All of these scenarios would damage your car, which you’d be able to fix because of your coverage. There are many different types of FL auto insurance.

Insurance for Uninsured Motorists

While you’re doing the right thing and looking into getting insured so you follow the law and don’t leave anyone worse off for sharing traffic with you, the sad truth is not everyone follows suit. Many Floridians drive without insurance and have no intention of getting it. That’s why you may want to get coverage for uninsured drivers. This way, if an irresponsible party does hit you, you’re not automatically paying out of pocket.


If you really can’t afford insurance for your car, you can go through the Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association. They’re a government run agency that will subsidize your coverage so you can still stay behind the wheel. However, be warned, you must seriously have tried to get insurance and been denied or otherwise was completely unable to pay the premiums. If you try to get FAJUA insurance under false pretenses, you’ll be committing a felony.

While there’s more to it than that, this should be a helpful primer in getting you Florida car insurance. Now make some phone calls and go get coverage today.

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